The Brooklyn pizza war we've been eagerly awaiting for almost a year now is getting closer to seeing its first shots fired! Yup, Grimaldi's has left its original building and settled in down the block and now the signage for newcomer/replacement Juliana's is starting to go up! Patsy and Carol Grimaldi are coming back to their old digs! Get ready for some "coal fired, NY sired" pizza!

So what is the big deal about this Juliana's? Well, the pizzeria marks the triumphant return of Patsy and Carol Grimaldi, the original pizzaiolo at Grimaldi's and his wife, who were last seen working the brick ovens way back in 1998 when they sold their namesake restaurant to current owner Frank Ciolli. And trust us, these are people who know their way around a good pizza pie! Also, hey, the new joint has a tasteful logo by the talented graphic designer Louise Fili (who just happens to have a new book out), to boot.

As for why Patsy Grimaldi's new restaurant is named Juliana's (after his mother) and not, say, after himself? Well, because he's already tried that. Twice. First, when Patsy Grimaldi first opened his DUMBO restaurant in 1990 he called it Patsy's, after his uncle Patsy Lancieri’s East Harlem pizzeria where he had worked growing up. But he was forced to change the restaurant's name to Grimaldi's in 1995 after new owners took the East Harlem pizzeria and name. And since he changed the joint to Grimaldi's, and sold it, that name obviously isn't available anymore, either.

So when will Juliana's open, as the originally announced March 2012 date is long past? Unclear. When we asked workers there today they wouldn't give a date—and the interior clearly needs some work. But still! Hopefully not too much longer!