For a man who just ate his first slice two years ago, Patrick Stewart has some deeply philosophical questions about pizza. The actor, urban explorer and mirth-giver took to Twitter—as he does in times of deep moral quandary—to try and settle one of life's great pizza debates: to crust or not to crust?

The Tweet has given way to a deluge of responses, some eschewing the crust or "pizza bones," while others claim that skipping the crust is a sin of the highest order. "People have started wars for less," said one Tweet. Our own highly scientific study concluded that the "Middle of the Crust" section of a slice was the least favorite of our polled audience—The Tip was the favorite, unsurprisingly. While certain staffers bucked with tradition entirely by eating the crust first.

As with everything on the internet, the debate was sidetracked by irate Tweeters who called Sir Patrick out for pulling a de Blasio, an accusation the actor firmly denied.

So where stand you, Gothamist readers? Is it wrong to leave the crust languishing on the plate to be swept into a garbage bin? Or once the crust has done its duty transporting sauce and toppings, can it be laid to rest? This debate may never be settled once and for all, but we can all agree there are wrong ways to eat pizza and right ways.

[h/t GrubStreet]