Park Slope's Old Carriage Inn, a dank, smelly hole of a dive, has been seized by the state for failing to pay its taxes. Given the condition of the place, this is hardly a surprise, but it is sad—where's the city's most exuberant karaoke night supposed to be staged now, hmm?

A sign posted to the bar's window puts any speculation swiftly to rest: "Warning: This property has been seized for nonpayment of taxes, and is now in the possession of the State of New York," it reads. Got it! Anyone trying to sneak in for a nip of Old Crow will have their fingers summarily sliced off at the knuckle.

The bar, located on 7th Avenue and 8th Street, was shuttered yesterday because the owners allegedly owe in excess of $100,000, Park Slope Stoop reports. While it's unlikely the dive's proprietors have that much cash on hand (but who knows!), it does have a legion of dedicated patrons, at least some of whom are still doubtlessly mourning the loss of nearby Jackie's 5th Amendment, another beloved shit hole.

"Do you know that uncle your parents don't like to discuss at family dinners? The one that doesn't come around anymore? The one who got so drunk that he insulted everybody and made lewd comments about your girlfriend before throwing up bile in the kitchen sink?" writes one Yelp reviewer. "This is where that uncle hangs out. He arrives at 8, pounds a few at the bar, then stands outside smoking Merits and yelling about nonsense with other forlorn uncles and red-faced alcoholics."

But the reviewer is also resigned—he knows it'd be easier to quietly kill off one thousand beer-fortified cockroaches than Old Carriage Inn, which has been parked on the corner since 1982: "I know that my shitty review isn't going to stop anybody from visiting this dump." Only the taxman's grim grip could accomplish that, it seems.