It looks like Park Slopers seeking out Nutella-stuffed crepes won't be able to stop by the neighborhood's Nuteria shop anymore, as it appears the place has shuttered. The closure was noted by tipsters at Park Slope Stoop, who observed that the gates have been down at the 5th Avenue eatery for at least a few weeks and now their website and phone numbers are down. Thanks goodness the Eataly Nutella Bar opens tomorrow!

It's probably not a surprise that the shop wasn't able to stay afloat considering they were drawing controversy before they even opened. Owners allegedly didn't seek permission from Nutella's parent company Ferrero to use the iconic chocolate spread as a large part of the restaurant's branding, resulting in a lawsuit brought by Ferrero for trademark infringement.

According to signage on the restaurant's door, the team was upstate at Mysteryland Music Festival this weekend, so perhaps they're taking their show on the road instead of shuttering completely. A roving clandestine Nutella truck does have a certain ring to it.