0128082ndst.jpgThis weekend Gowanus Lounge was first to note the unexpected closure of the 2nd Street Cafe at Seventh Avenue in Park Slope. The decade old restaurant, which on weekends had all the charm of a daycare center on adderall, had undergone a major renovation last summer. OTBKB hears word from a former employee that he/she was given just two days notice. Part of the ever-widening quicksand consuming New York restaurants? No word yet on the reason for the closure; calls to the restaurant are going unanswered.

Gowanus Lounge sees a tumbleweed trend here due to the obscene rents on Park Slope’s Seventh Avenue, which is growing increasingly untenable for any businesses besides real estate brokers and national chains: “The closure makes the third empty storefront in a single block and what will be a fourth when another bookstore closes as scheduled. Add two other vacant storefronts and it makes six within three blocks.”

There’s a slight splash of good news further south in the Slope; the long-awaited opening of Beer Table seems finally within reach. The husband and wife team behind the specialty beer tavern have been waiting almost six months for their liquor license, despite earning the coveted approval from the community board. A spokesman for the Liquor Authority tells the Times that “there is a two-year backlog in the area that includes New York City and that a six-month wait is not unusual.” On Thursday the couple learned that they’ve been “conditionally approved” for a license and have the audacity to hope for a Saturday opening.

A question for Park Slope diners: How broken up are you about the 2nd Street Cafe closure? In the past, our few attempts to get brunch there were distinguished by interminable waits for lackluster food. Is anyone really going to miss it?

Photo of 2nd Street Cafe via The Gowanus Lounge.