Prime 6, the new restaurant and bar coming to Flatbush and Sixth Avenue in Park Slope, may sometimes play hip-hop music. And as we noted yesterday, that fact has some Park Slope residents concerned that little Aidan may pick up some bad habits from the establishment's clientele and start asking mommy why pharaohs put the pussy in a sarcophagus. So one local, Jennifer McMillen, started a petition to pressure the club to book "indie artists" instead of hip-hop. This idea has generated some funny feedback on the petition website's comments. Here are the best ones:

  • Start a petition on how Flatbush Farm needs to have a better brunch.
  • The Decemberists ripped off all of Dr. Dre's The Chronic.
  • I'm up in your clubs preceded by my violent history.
  • Thanks Massa for acknowledging my right to exist!
  • I like black people, just not the places where they hang out.
  • Is this the list to sign up for Jen MicMillen to micromanage my own business plan?

Mel Gibson also signed on to comment, "I appreciate your honesty." And in response to the petition, there is now a petition against the petition; specifically, to get McMillen to move to the Hamptons. Sarcastically mocking McMillen's essay's structure, one Brandon West wonders if there isn't "some middle ground between this neighborhood being an uppity segregated spot and it being a full-on 'Brooklyn' community that it used to be?" He also posits that "Park Slopers are about the most closeted 'racist' people on the planet." But their best friend Foxy Brown grew up there!