Remember that Food Truck Rally at Grand Army Plaza we told you about a few months ago? The one that was supposed to be a one-off thing? Well, it was such a hit that it's happening twice a month all summer, and some local restaurant owners are none too pleased with the wheeled vendors.

“This neighborhood is being exploited by a fad,” said Naidre's Cafe owner Janice Pullicio, who also added that the trucks leave a mess for the Sanitation Department to clean up with taxpayer dollars. “I am paying so much money on rent, and there is a truck parked right outside my door on most days,” added Sweet Melissa Patisserie's owner Melissa Murphy. “The fact that the community is supporting these non-local vendors is beyond ignorant.” Truck vendors like the Red Hook Lobster Pound fired back, saying they're responsible and clean, and telling local businesses that if they're losing customers, they should probably try "changing their menus." Burn!

But with food trucks showing up damn near everywhere (even weddings!) these days, the restaurants could be in for an uphill battle. Food fight! Food fight! Food fight!