The war on Park Slope bar babies continues! The NY Times published a rant from 20-something year old Risa Chubinsky, who lives in the neighborhood and says she refuses to share her bar space with infants. She opines, "No matter what breeders might think, bars are not family-friendly. If I am out drinking and sobbing about a bad breakup, I don’t want my cries to compete with those of an infant sitting next to me. If I go to the bathroom to correct my wayward mascara at the end of a long weekend night, I don’t want to watch a baby being wiped down on the soggy sink counter."

According to Chubinsky, the breeders have now taken over the Gate, where parents dare wag their fingers upon hearing the regular, non-stroller-pushing crowd spew out curse words. And that's not all, parents from Gowanus to Astoria have been spotted lining up baby bottles on bars, and changing diapers on tables! But at least their babies aren't chillin' on fire escapes?

So... should the parents boozing it up with babies in tow be the ones on the receiving end of a judgmental finger wag? Last year the stroller mafia was even scolded for bringing their little ones to romantic restaurants.