Chef Dale Talde's eponymous Park Slope eatery Talde has always taken a playful approach to its pan-asian dishes, like potstickers made pretzel-style and a Filipino dessert made with Cap'n Crunch. The restaurant's Breakfast Ramen with a buttered toast broth has been a popular brunch order, especially for the buzzworthy social media post it warrants; the same is likely to be true of the restaurant's special Thanksgiving edition, a Turkey Ramen that's probably not anything like your grandma used to make.

It's really more of a Thanksgiving spread in one bowl, with slices of roasted turkey in place of char siu pork; a roulade made with seasoned stuffing; dumplings filled with creamed spinach; tart pickled cranberries and a mushroom-soy gravy poured at the table. Buried beneath all the goodies, a mound of traditional ramen noodles, standing in for a traditional carb side dish likes rolls or mashed potatoes, perhaps?

It's a $15 bowl of comfort, like any good ramen would be, coupled with some nostalgia turned on its head. "I love Thanksgiving, especially the leftovers," Talde told us. "I just wanted to do something a little different than a sandwich and I love ramen." Take note, budding culinary craftsmen: this could be a great way to repurpose those leftovers after next week's blowout meal.

369 7th Avenue in Park Slope, 347-916-0031