As expected, Park Slope's illicit Nutella shop Nuteria has ruffled the feathers of Nutella's parent company Ferrero, culminating in a lawsuit filed yesterday in Brooklyn. The confection giant is suing the owners of Nuteria for trademark infringement and theft of intellectual property for the shop's Nutella-branded menu, decor and name.

Changing the original name of the restaurant from Nutelleria to Nuteria wasn't enough to please Ferrero, which is seeking monetary compensation for damages associated with the rogue restaurant. Among other things, the restaurant allegedly used recipes found on Nutella's website to create a menu for their shop and allegedly led consumers to falsely believe the restaurant was sanctioned by Nutella. Ferrero says things like the utensil holders seen "[tend] to falsely describe sponsorship, association or approval" by the company, as stated in the complaint.

We've reached out to Ferrero for comment regarding the lawsuit and we'll update when we hear back. Requests for comment from Nuteria were not immediately returned.

[h/t Daily News]