Some members of the Park Slope Food Coop are pushing for a ban on products bought from Israel; the proposal, which will be put to a vote soon, is being floated in response to Israel's most recent military action in Gaza. "Hima B.," the sponsor of the proposal, tells the Jewish Daily Forward, "Economic sanctions worked in South Africa. Why shouldn’t we ask for an end to practices that are violating human rights?" Because, member Rabbi Andy Bachman says, it's "an irrelevant gesture to 5 million Israelis and 2 million Palestinians, but it will make someone in Park Slope feel really good about themselves. That’s what this is about; it’s about the political purity, which is part of Park Slope’s unique self-absorption." Bachman's synagogue happens to host the Co-op's monthly meetings, and he says that should the proposal pass, he'll kindly ask them to have their little gatherings elsewhere. And last year Co-op members voted to ban bottled water, sending a tough message to Aquaman.