Beware, Park Slope Co-op denizens, for thieves lurk among you, pilfering organic baby carrots, Cascadian Farms granola and boxes of Brad's Raw Kale Chips under your very noses. The New York Times reported today on a series of thefts going down at the Park Slope Co-op that's costing the establishment thousands of dollars a week; and since shoppers have to be members in order to get through the door, it must be an inside job.

According to the Times, the co-op has been plagued by thieves for years, but recently the loss numbers from theft have increased substantially. Joe Holtz, the Co-op's manager, estimated an average of $1,200 worth of goods went missing a day in November, a jump from the $700-a-day he'd made in previous estimates. And since the Co-op is run primarily by members—who work shifts every four weeks to maintain that membership—everyone is losing out. "A member and an owner are interchangeable,” Holtz told the Times. “If a member is stealing from the cooperative, they are actually stealing from themselves.” MADNESS.

One such suspected thief has since been caught—40-year-old Tami Ephross (here's her NY Times wedding announcement!) was allegedly spotted on a security camera stashing goods in a bag that she neglected to pay for. Holtz called the cops, and she was apparently caught red handed; her bounty was three rolls of Scotch tape, a rolling pin and a cookie cutter with alphabet shapes. Looks like the book club gang won't be getting any snacks this month.