Yes, putting in your time at the Park Slope Food Co-op is important. But you know what else is important? Castle with Nathan Fillion. At least that seemed to be the reasoning of one volunteer. A tipster e-mailed FIPS on Monday night about a strange sign he saw on the door of the Co-op. He writes:

As I was walking home from Union Hall tonight, I noticed a cop car and four police officers standing outside of the Park Slope Food Coop. At first I thought they were just standing around shootin the shit, but as I got closer I realized that they were investigating an ominous note left on one of the Coop's loading doors.

Apparently, someone's required hours were up and they were hustlin' to get the hell home in time for Castle, which actually didn't air tonight because of the g'damn 20/20 special on the Prince of England's wedding or some shit. But I digress. So somebody started locking up early for the night, the only problem was that they weren't the only shifters left in the building. The note basically reads, "Three members were locked inside last night. The fire department was called to cut the lock off the door. The previous lock is on the ground below." -John something or other, Member #something.

We've contacted the Fire Department for more details, but the Co-op declined to give us a statement, saying it could jeopardize their safety procedures. They do, however, give thanks to the fire house next door for bailing the shifters out. Which raises the question: did nobody have the Castle-watching volunteer's phone number? Or the phone number of any member with a key, for that matter? Was there not a single co-op working nanny in Park Slope available to help them out?