Last month the Park Slope set got all in a tizzy over a new venue, Prime 6, which was hoping to play hip-hop music. Petitions were written (and questioned) and lots of people made a scene at a community board meeting. But now that is all over—Prime 6 and its angry neighbors have come to a compromise.

“I feel like both sides had to do a little compromising in order to make everybody feel comfortable,” owner Akiva Ofshtein explained to Patch before adding, “I still think they’re upset with me a little prematurely.

So what was the compromise? The backyard seating area will close by 11 p.m. on weekdays and 12 a.m. on weekends, plans for a backyard bar have been nixed, and there will be no bottle service until the space has been open for over a year (and then only after another community board meeting).

As for the hip-hop music that got everyone so upset in the first place? Will they be playing "urban" music or did Ofshtein cave to the pressure to promote "indie local artists?" When we reached out to find out we were told that they still "haven't decided on what entertainment we will have."

Prime 6 aims to open to the public next month, so we guess they've got time.