Paris Is Getting Its Own Park Slope Co-Op

Paris. Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Paris. Is their shared passion for Gauloises and overpriced cheeseburgers a growing reality or hyperbolic fodder for more gilded clickbait? Who cares! Look how easy this is: Berthillon and Van Leeuwen. Hipsters and Hipsters. But Paris is slated to welcome a Brooklyn institution that will test its commitment to The Brand: a Park Slope Co-op is coming to the 18th arrondissement.

Grub Street reports that La Louve ("she-wolf") is being started by two Americans, Tom Boothe and Brian Horihan, in the model of the Park Slope's Co-op with guidance from the Brooklyn iteration. The two told Le Monde that every time they speak to the press, they receive more applications than they can handle. La Louve doesn't open until 2015.

Perhaps La Louve differs most with the Park Slope Co-op in its location. The Parisian co-op will sit in (and thus its existence depends upon) a neighborhood full of immigrants and low-income residents.

"The neighborhood is a little bit poor and bohemian," Boothe says. "We had opportunities to put it in more branché neighborhoods," he says, using a word that roughly translates to hip, but Boothe points out that putting the coop in an underserved area helps get high-quality food to the people for whom it will matter more. He calls it a "solution."

A former Parisian and ex-Park Slope Co-op member tells Grub Street, "French people are suchrâleurs" — complainers — "that I’d love to be there to see the result."

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