The divide over bar babies has never seemed wider in South Slope: Greenwood Park only opened a few months ago, and already there has been wide debate over whether children should be allowed to hang out in its giant outdoor beer garden. Yelp complaints about the "jungle gym"-like atmosphere even reached the Times. Now, Greenwood Park has come up with a compromise, not allowing kids after 4 p.m.—and parents aren't thrilled: “Four is too early for sure,” mother-of-four Yuna Weiss told the News. “It pretty much means that they don’t want us here with the kids.”

Owner Diane Vasilakos confirmed to them that much of the pressure has been coming from local teachers: “They are surrounded by children all day. They don’t want to also see them here.” Weiss thinks that's lousy: “They don’t want us to see them drink. Some of them get very sloppy.” She and other parents think a 6 p.m. curfew would be more fair. “I’m looking at these 21-year-olds,” said 36-year-old Alex Phillips, whose 2-year-old daughter was there with her Friday. “Wait until you have kids and want a drink.” Next up: dealing with those reports of pee, cigarettes, throw-up, and public sex.