Papaya King has been a New York City cheap eats staple since 1932; even now, filling up on a few kraut-topped dogs with a fruity drink to wash them down is about $5. To honor 85 years this year, they're offering some throwback pricing you could easily meet with the change rattling around in your sofa.

Set a calendar alert now for March 3rd and 4th, when the two NYC locations of Papaya Dog (plus the one in Vegas, should you find yourself in Sin City for the weekend) will be selling hot dogs and the brand's Papaya Tropical Drinks for just 32 cents. Dogs can be topped with kraut, NY onions or relish without adding any pennies, but those curly fries are gonna cost you 2017 prices.

Notes about the event promise "Papaya King Brand Ambassadors" giving away some food and "tons of prizes." Another fun fact from the release: "They cook your franks while facing you so that you can see each other’s smiles (and because it is rude to have you stare at their backs)."


Papaya King is located at 179 East 86th Street and 6 Flatbush Avenue