Step aside, dirty water dogs, there's another hot dog purveyor hitting the streets. Grilled hot dog chain Papaya King is starting a food truck that will cruise town bearing its signature bright yellow motif and smiling king icon, according to the Daily News,

The all-beef dogs are the star of the show, naturally, but the truck will also pour out cups of its special tropical drinks in flavors of orange, mango and papaya, naturally. Papaya King owner Wayne Rosenbaum says treats like deep fried Oreos and onion rings will also be available.

The truck will Tweet its location—starting June 23rd—just like every other food truck in the city, though it looks like Midtown will be the main beneficiary of the dogs and drinks. This will make three "places" to pick up their dogs besides St. Marks and the UES. Early this year, Papaya competitor Gray's Papaya shuttered its Sixth Avenue location, leaving just one last Broadway location standing.