Woe is Papaya King: the beloved hot dog chain can't get a hold of their namesake fruit, thanks to a salmonella outbreak in fresh papayas from Mexico. Curses, food-borne bacteria! First you threaten to destroy brunch, and now this?!

"When you are the ‘Papaya King,’ you better have papaya,” said Wayne Rosenbaum, director of operations for the chain. “My suppliers are crying. You can’t get fresh Mexican papaya. We’re now using papaya puree from Hawaii.” Papaya costs have risen dramatically over the past two to three weeks, and the FDA is clamping down on the papaya supply coming in to the US from Mexico.

What does this mean for you? One word: puree. Delicious fruity drinks that once came with chunks of fresh fruit are now being replaced with puree, which pales in comparison. It's unclear exactly how long the Mexican papaya will be unavailable, so customers might be forced to choke down coconut champagne or banana daiquiris...forever. [via Fork in the Road]