papabubble2.jpgCosmopolitan candy men and women packed the hotly-anticipated opening of Papabubble on Broome Street Saturday night. The high-end confectioner has been a big hit in Barcelona, Tokyo and Amsterdam, so it was only a matter of time before the New York market opened wide for some gourmet candy “sculpture”. Their new location continues the Papabubble tradition of preparing the sweets in-store, which has proven to be an entertaining and well-nigh irresistible marketing strategy. You tell yourself you’re just stopping in for a quick peek and maybe one free sample, next thing you know you’re passed out on the curb with your blood sugar crashing like a Cessna.

Down By The Hipster got his fix at the opening night party (and took the photo seen here – more on his flickr.) He says the taste of fresh, “warm” candy is pretty tough to beat, and highly extols a particularly “decadent” candy called the “Gold Ring, made by the Illuminator himself.” Any sweet that can inspire such a dark, cryptic description definitely has our taste buds piqued. Though at $25 a ring, that’s one treat we won’t be tossing to the kid in the Scream mask on Halloween.

Papabubble [380 Broome Street, Between Mott & Mulberry] (212) 966-2599.

UPDATE: Gothamist's publisher and self-described "candy enthusiast" Jake Dobkin, sat down this afternoon to sample $65 worth of Papabubble candy. Here are some of the thoughts we recorded before he passed out from sugar-shock:


1. Fruit Mix (above, left) -- "strong flavor" "kind of weird aftertaste" "cute fruit images on each one" "the citrus flavors are great-- strong lemon, lime, and orange taste." "banana and pineapple also good-- more subtle flavors." "passion fruit flavor is kind of sickening."

2. Acid Drops (above, center) -- "deceptively sour-- thought they were punking out on me, but they finished puckeringly strong." "two is a lot-- I think these are making me sweat." "The red one is my favorite."

3. Chocolate Covered Coffee (above, right) -- "delicious-- not too sweet." "great-- rough texture inside." "very coffee flavored-- beginning to get minor heart palpitations."

Overall-- "a solid artisinal candy-- worth a return visit."