Apparently, the virtue of Being Hot does not excuse Padma Lakshmi from Being Annoying, as evidenced by her behavior at this week's food-themed Moth reading.

One front-row audience member found Lakshmi "so grating" as a host that he stood up in the middle of her story and cowed to give The Moth $1,000 if she would just shut up already and get offstage...which she did.

Grub Street's review of the reading noted that Padma showed off her "crude and kooky side" by cussing at the audience and burping on stage. She then told an "unscripted" (others used the word "rambling") tale about wanting a hot dog, leading some people to question whether or not she was sober.

Lakshmi’s rep said, “She was not intoxicated but having fun in an unscripted format," and Moth spokeswoman Catherine Burns told us that Padma volunteered to match all of the audience's donations, "something that's never been done in the 14-year history of The Moth." Burns called it "a wonderful evening that the audience overwhelmingly loved." Of course! What's not to love about a foul-mouthed model ranting about tube steaks? We'd be more than happy to treat her to one of these bad boys.