The owner of the Bay Ridge karaoke club that was the scene of a violent early-morning brawl last week finally talked about the brouhaha, and the 22-year-old is just full of gems.

"I think we are helping the community," Eric Zheng told the Brooklyn Paper when they stopped by Crown KTV on 64th Street this week. "This block used to be empty. There used to be robberies," he said, before admitting that his staff could have "done better" about handling the drunken argument that escalated into a full-on fight, leaving five people in the hospital. Alleged stabber Chun Lin, who was arrested outside of the club, was also found with drugs on him, though Zheng insists that his Chinese clients would never: "I've never heard of any Asians around this area that do cocaine."

Zheng also tried to shed some light on the origins of the club, which neighborhood residents have long opposed. Back when he first first applied for a liquor license in 2009, claiming the venue would be a "family-friendly restaurant"—a Community board member said, "We don’t need another hooker establishment here. If they want a boudoir, go to France!"—but now he admits, "There was a little misunderstanding when we first started. ...I probably said the wrong thing. I don’t even remember."

At any rate, Zheng believes that his karaoke club competitors are making up false complaints to get Crown shut down for good. Community Board 10 has formally asked the State Liquor Authority to revoke Crown KTV's liquor license.