Step aside squares, NYC's newest pizza shape is the oval. Savore in SoHo has been reborn as Altesi Downtown, an offshoot of restaurateur Paolo Alavian's uptown Italian spot of the same name. There aren't any pizzas on the uptown menu, but on Spring Street chef Paolo Nozzoli will be baking up the oblong pies in a wood-fired pizza oven anchored behind the bar.

The pizzas have both a unique shape and a proprietary flour blend created by Alavian to be higher in fiber and therefore, theoretically, easier to digest. There are three different flours used to make the crust (00, All Trumps High Gluten Flour and Caputo Pizza Flour), which'll be topped with ingredients including tomato, mozzarella and a veal ragu (Pizza Bolognese, $20) and tomato, mozzarella and artichokes (Pizza ai Caciofi, $20).

Polpetti, Italian meatballs, appear as both an antipasti with tomato sauce and ricotta ($16) in addition to standing in for a beef patty in the Popetta burger ($20) on ciabatta with a side of fries or salad at lunch or brunch. Finally, other Italian staples including salads and pastas, like the veal ragu-stuffed lasagna ($20) and agnolotti stuffed with braised duck in a truffle and green peas sauce ($22).

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