It's a beautiful day to be alive because the best pizza in all the land will soon be available in more than one borough. Staten Island's beloved Denino's Pizzeria & Tavern have announced plans to franchise their business, revealing to SI Live that a Manhattan location is already in the works. They're also looking into expansion into Florida but OH MY GOD MORE DENINO'S IN NYC!!!

"It's like MacDougal Street, Bleecker, over there ... it could be any day now," explained co-owner Michael Burke in true SI fashion. He declined to reveal the name of the franchisee, as the lease hasn't yet been signed and Burke fears "the rent will go up." Does this mean a famous restaurateur or pizzaiolo will be behind the new franchise? Fine, but don't mess with perfection.

For those who'll be staying true to the original on the Island, the family has dismantled the funny little house that took up much of the parking lot space in the back. Though additional parking would alleviate the inevitable block circling around the restaurant's dinner rush, the family isn't looking to add to their meagre parking section. Burke says they're looking to close in the space and ideally open an outdoor bar, which patrons can populate during their wait for a table. A Denino's beer garden; never thought I'd see the day.