2005_10_food_staten.jpgOnly a couple of weeks ago, as reported in Gothamist among others, the 2006 Zagat guide to New York City restaurants hit bookstores. As usual, Manhattan restaurants topped the list - but there are 20 more outer borough restaurants featured this year over last - 256 out of 2,003 total.

Now, we're all fairly familiar with the Brooklyn eateries like The Grocery and Peter Luger that squeezed their way into the upper heights of the popularity and food rankings. And, we've heard the buzz about hot Thai (literally and figuratively) spots in Queens like Sripraphai that also made the grade.

But, what is Zagat missing? The Bronx and Staten Island are just starting to gain culinary traction within its pages and other media as well - but is it enough? And, heck, what incredible gourmet adventures are Gothamist and the rest of New York missing? We have a Metrocard in hand, can afford a ferry ride, and are ready to travel!

So, please share your Bronx and SI outer borough dining secrets...