When life hands you mass avian slaughter, make braised Canada goose! Well, that's what one man says—hunting instructor and locavore activist Jackson Landers (from Virginia) will be in Brooklyn on October 30th showing locals how to cook New York City's winged terrors. Landers is in the process of writing his second book, and is hoping to make his reality show a reality (watch the trailer here)—it's called "Eating Aliens," and is about eating invasive species, according to the NY Times. Well, he certainly knows how to pick an attention-getting audience; earlier this year Brooklynites rallied to save the geese after nearly 300 were brought from Prospect Park to the gas chamber.

Landers will be joined by Brooklyn chef Leighton Edmonson when he's in town, but he'll be bringing his geese from Charlottesville (they're currently in his freezer there). The two-hour workshop will include wine pairings, and Landers says, "My theme is going to be casual goose. You can take that goose and just do it like fried chicken. You can take the meat off the bones and run it through a grinder and you’ve got gooseburgers.” What kind of wine pairs well with grinded up gooseburgers?

As for Edmondson, he says he'll "try to do something like a paillard, something pounded. I’m going to butcher it, take the breasts off. If the legs look good, I’m going to do a confit of the legs as well.” No matter what way you prepare it though, we imagine these two will be met with some harsh critics. If you're interested in learning more on cooking Canada geese, get your tickets here, but keep in mind hunting them in the city is illegal (unless you're the federal government, that is.)