2005_12_food_espnzonelogo.jpgGothamist enjoys hot wings, brew and the game on TV as much as anyone - but we can't seem to wrap our arms around ESPN Zone, or even The Park Avenue Country Club, for that matter. They just feel more like theme parks for frat boys and Midwesten businessmen excited to be in the Big Apple, than honest-to-goodness sports bars.

As New Yorkers, we've learned that neighborhood sports bars are really the way to go if you're looking for honest-to-goodness in the sports bar category. For example, the Upper West and Upper East Sides can both claim an outpost of Blondie's, a fave on both sides of Central Park. Even metro-area Irish pubs seem to be touting flat-screen TVs for sports fans. (Great! Now, that's one less place where gals can get their guys to have a conversation that goes beyond dribbling, touchdowns and homeruns.)

And, word has it that a new sports bar called Clark Station will be opening on Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights. Apparently, the sports spot will be featuring burgers from around the world. Gothamist is a little afraid of needing to bring a passport to grub it up - but we're willing to give it whirl, once they open their doors.

So, where do you get your sports fix along with food and drink?