So, there was the story about the Upper East Side Starbucks that delivered - if only in a three block radius. While that might be appealing to some, Gothamist started to think that though it was value-added, why was delivery that necessary? As we are all familiar, there are some areas of the city where there are literally Starbucks every way we spit (the Astor Place location, then the one at 2nd Avenue and Cooper Square...then on Third Avenue, there's one at 48th Street and also at 50th Street, plus the one at Lexington and 48th). Then kottke pointed to Starbucks in New York City, which has photographs and occasional descriptions of many, if not all, Starbucks in the city. And suddenly we realized why delivery won't be rolled out citywide: Starbucks runs are the only acceptable addiction (smoking is dirty) excuses to escape the office in the middle of the day. If they are gone, what will the interns and assistants do?

Gothamist on whether Starbucks is overpriced. And kottke must have a java jones, as he links to explanations of all Starbucks drinks.