From the sounds of it, Rosemarie Ottomanelli didn't get much respect from her brothers. So while the five of them learned the tricks of the trade at Ottomanelli & Sons. butcher on Bleeker Street, she became a successful investment banker and real estate professor. And now, she's fighting for her share of the family business.

She's suing her brothers for her share of the rent of 285 Bleecker Street, which the family owns and is estimated to be worth over $2 million. And to repay their debt, she is suggesting her brothers sell the building. But the brothers say that could put them out of business, and offered to buy their sister's share in the building. She declined, and court papers say she has a "lack of trust" in her brothers. Frank Ottomanelli refused to comment to the Post, instead saying, "I tell my wife to put on my headstone that I'm the last to know and always wrong."