Hey, America, are you too busy watching Dancing With The Stars reruns to be bothered to pick up the phone and order a meat-lovers burrito for yourself? Great! Just hop on your remote and order away, without all the fuss of pausing the TV and actually speaking to a real human being.

Delivery.com announced yesterday that they're partnering with Verizon FiOS to allow people to order food straight off the TV screen. It's quite simple, really:

By selecting "Food Delivery" on their television, users will gain access to Delivery.com's local restaurants through which they can order an array of cuisines by browsing available items and adding them to a cart for purchase. The local restaurant is notified, the food is delivered and Delivery.com charges the credit card associated with the user's Verizon Concierge account for the order.

As revolutionary as it seems, this actually is not the first time a food company has offered these services: way back in 2008, a pre-artisan Domino's partnered up with TiVO to let people order pizza straight from the screen. One promblem remains, however: you still have to get up to open the door for the delivery guy. [via FiTR]