2005_03_food_unsqwholefoods.jpgSo many openings, so little time. It's a busy week in the Greenwich Village/Union Square neck of the woods, so foodies, if you don't live nearby, grab your metrocards -- it's time for a field trip.

March 16th: Whole Foods comes to Union Square. We're curious to see how this impacts the Greenmarket, and Trader Joe's is reportedly coming to the area as well. Union Square is going to be one major (although somewhat pricey) food shopping hotspot.

2005_03_food_joe.jpgMarch 22nd: Joe, The Art of Coffee is opening its second location at 9 East 13th Street between 5th and University. Gothamist loves Joe's Waverly Place location, but we're definitely looking forward to more Joe in the neighborhood.

2005_03_food_papayadog.jpgSoon: Papaya King, Gray's Papaya, and now . . . Papaya Dog. Papaya Dog is opening up on the corner of West 4th Street and Cornelia. Although we didn't look closely to find out exactly when they're opening, Papaya Dog looked like it'll be open sometime this week if we had to guess. At 95 cents per dog, it definitely fits in our post-Per Se budget. Can someone please explain the papaya/hot dog connection?