Pounds & Ounces, the Chelsea restaurant beloved for its brunch-time Peanut Butter Waffles and Red Velvet Pancakes, has added a towering new burger to its lunch and dinner menu. It's called The F&Kn (we're told that's shorthand for the Fork & Knife Burger), and features an 8 ounce Certified Angus Beef burger topped with onion marmalade, Fontina cheese, pineapple braised short ribs, another layer of Fontina cheese, lettuce, and picked green tomato chips. But that's just the basic version.

The regular F&Kn Burger costs $26, but for an extra $10 you can get is piled with Foie Gras, which was recently banned in California, but is still legal here, despite continued protests. And while we're on the topic of edible bloated duck liver, we've also learned that Armani/Ristorante 5th Avenue (717 Fifth Avenue) is currently offering Il Fegato Grasso D'oca Giovane, a cold marinated young goose foie gras served atop fresh black figs with a 1992 port wine reduction. Here's a taste: