A Virginia farmer is making a special delivery to NYC this month: 420 pounds of Ancient White Park steer, an extremely rare breed considered so delicious that for centuries only British nobility ate it. According to the Post, a mere 612 registered Ancient White Park cows reside in America, with another 1,000 worldwide. Intrigued by the pedigree, farmer Alec Bradford bought a herd of Ancient White Park five years ago, but he admits, "I didn't even realize the beef tasted so good until I slaughtered the first steer." Bradford's NYC friend, Graham Johnson, announced the sale on his Facebook page on July 30th, and the whole steer sold out in two days! But fear not—Bradford will bring two more dead steers to town in September and October. For according to his reasoning, "The only way to save it from extinction is to eat it." Before any animal rights agitators get their feathers ruffled, let's just remember the carnivorous wisdom of Troy McClure: "Don't kid yourself Jimmy, if a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you care about."