A new pop-up dessert joint will be slinging decadent deli-inspired ice cream sandwiches in Midtown for the next few months. Smush, the "NY Deli of Desserts" will offer sweet creative concoctions resembling signature NYC sandwiches, such as the B.V.T., which consists of two french toast cookies with caramel spread, vanilla fudge, sliced fresh bananas, and vanilla ice cream in the middle. There is also the Chocolate Covered Struben: two chocolate chunk cookies, slice of milk chocolate fudge, sliced fresh strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. But Smush also does what a deli does best: give you options, which the website calls its "Smush Yourself" option. Don't mind if we do!

According to the Smush website, the idea was born from the brain of a cartoon penguin named Smushy whose intentions were to "help those New Yorker's pallets get back to simplicity," before the concept was taken over and actualized by "Andrew" and "Brett." The treats do look tasty though, and this kind of smush is infinitely preferable to this kind.

28 West 40th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue

[Via Thrillist]