Did you know that the first vegetable grown in space was a potato? Or that French fries were introduced to America when Thomas Jefferson served them at a White House dinner in 1802? And that during the Clinton administration I bought a dope Potato Clock at Spencer Gifts at Crossgates Mall? Two thirds of these fun facts were gleaned from the website for Potatopia, a new "all potato" concept restaurant opening at Sixth Avenue and Waverly Place next month. Greenwich Village, you have ARRIVED.

This is the second of what will no doubt be thousands of Potatopia locations in America; the first opened in 2011 in Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ. The proprietor/entrepreneurial genius behind Potatopia is one Allen Dikker (follow him on Twitter!), who explains, "The potato has always been a staple side dish for Americans, but I believed it had the potential to take a starring role, not just be a supporting player. After opening in New Jersey, long lines started to form and we began to develop a cult following."

Starting July 11th, Dikker plans to recruit new cult members in NYC. Potatopia will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, with a menu that features four different potato varietals—Russet, Kennebec, Red Bliss and Jumbo Yam—in nine different styles: smashed, skin, baked regular, baked sweet, curly, shoestring, sweet potato crinkle, potato au gratin, and mashed pie, Potatopia’s take on a Shepherd’s Pie, with toppings nestled beneath mashed potatoes and baked to create a crispy crust. And Potatopia doesn't stop there! Open wide, Potatopians:

The chosen potato style may be topped with fresh vegetables such as mushrooms, red onion, broccoli and corn, and proteins including grass-fed steak, free-range chicken, shrimp, wood-smoked bacon and a sausage blend created exclusively for Potatopia. Cheese selections include Asiago, Cheddar, Parmesan, Pepperjack, and Swiss, and this list will be supplemented with special monthly offerings such as a Reserve Gruyere and Smoked Gouda.

All combinations may be enhanced by Dikker’s 12 proprietary house-made sauces in flavors that range from Garlic Aioli to Chipotle Ketchup, Truffle, Chili Pepper, Roasted Pepper, Ranch, Wasabi, Grainy Mustard, Parmo, Chipotle Mayo, Savory Bacon and Curry.

Okay, we just went from snickering at Potatopia to wanting to stuff our mouths full of Potatopia. Less than a month to go until this nightmare starch-free Manhattan dystopia comes to an end!

378 Sixth Avenue at Waverly Place