America: where two hometown companies like Dunkin' Donuts and PepsiCo can team up to bring the people Mountain Dew in caffeinated slushie form. Dunkin' Donuts announced today that they'll be introducing the new Mountain Dew Coolatta, which PepsiCo's Mikel Durham describes thus: "as if energy is meeting innovation on a higher plane." For some strange reason, they decided not to call it a "Dewlatta," but their promotional contest embodies just how EXTREME this new beverage will be. Shoot a Coolatta out of a block of ice! Via computer! Win a snowboard! We're not joking!

The "UnFreeze It" challenges Dewlatta fans to use their computers to melt a real Coolatta out of a block of ice with an "ice blaster" (aka water gun). Unfreeze the cup and you win prizes like a mountain bike, a Flip cam (RIP) or a 3D TV. The drink has a suggested retail price of $2.29 for a small, 16-ounce beverage. Dunkin' Donuts says there are 200 calories in the "small," with 65 mg of Sodium and 50 g of sugar. There are 390 calories in the large. Is that all? The Shamrock Shake is rolling in its grave.