This is the funnest thing to happen to boring old milk since the crazy straw! The Coca-Cola Company just launched a new carbonated milk drink called Vio "Vibrancy Drink," and New Yorkers are the first consumers in the world to pour the product into their discerning mouth holes! Developed in their Atlanta laboratory, the beverage requires no refrigeration and comes in four "natural" flavors: peach mango, berry, citrus, and tropical colada. According to the Post, it's being sold in delis around NYC for about $2.50 per 8oz aluminium bottle, and each bottle has 26 grams of sugar. The company promises that Vio is "a refreshing sensory experience" that contains just "a hint of rBGH-free skim milk" and tastes "like a birthday party for a polar bear." And a reviewer for, a drink industry research site, says the Peach Mango Vio is "slightly reminiscent of a lassi drink. However, what starts out seeming not so sweet turns almost overwhelming by the time you are half way through the bottle." Which makes sense, because polar bear birthday parties can get a little overwhelming. Have you tried this exciting new carbonated milk product yet, and if so, how refreshing was your sensory experience?