Stoner's paradise Nugget Spot already ingratiated itself into our tummies with their hormone-free fried delights coated in things like Cheeze-its and pretzels. Now, they're taking their epicurean junk food even further with a bunch of new nugget creations, starting with the epic "Nugchos," their version of nachos made with chicken nuggets in lieu of tortilla chips.

Actually, there are still tortilla chips in this dish, making up the coating on the chicken breast bites that are the base of the Nugchos. On top, chef Jason Hairston's layering on nacho queso, his O.G. ranch sauce, pico de gallo and jalapenos. This is definitely one you'll want to share—unless you just emerged after a year stranded in a desert island. The chicken's got a nice crunch, courtesy of the chips and a trip to the fryer. While still creamy and decadent, the ranch sauce helps balance some of the cheese sauce's heft, as do the slices of raw jalapeno and bite from the pico de gallo.

The Nugchos are just the beginning, though. They'll be the first of a month's worth of weekly specials (all $10) at the 14th Street shop. The Nugchos debut tomorrow, March 27th, followed by the Nuggets In Paris, Hairston's version of Chicken Cordon Bleu, with gruyere and black forest ham-wrapped chicken nuggets deep fried and served with honey mustard. Next up, the excellent Cuban Link, Ritz cracker-coated fried balls stuffed with slow-roasted pork shoulder, black forest ham and pickles with a side of garlic aioli. The feasting festivities conclude with the Uncle Vinny, chicken nuggets coated in homemade breadcrumbs, then topped with spicy marinara and mozzarella cheese and served over noodles.

Shhh, there are still months before you have to wear a bathing suit.