If you haven't eaten lunch yet, drop your fork and head over to Madison Square Park because Shake Shack has opened early! The official opening date is slated for tomorrow, but as noted on Chowhound, someone is already eating their first double shack burger of the year. Mmmmmm. Gothamist just drooled all over our keyboard. And hell, even if you ate already, nothing screams dessert like a double shack burger. That or a nice thick shake.

We wonder if the early opening is anythign like Andrea Strong's day working at the shack. And if you haven't eaten at Shake Shack before, maybe you can read the review at A Hamburger Today to get your mouth watering. There are reports on Chowhound that the shack will be open until 6 tonight.


Update: The wonderful Jesse Chan-Norris took a trip to enjoy his first shack burger of the year and as photos show, there was no line. Ladies and gentleman, a once in a year event - Shake Shack without a line. He also found out why they opened early: "According to the employee that I spoke with, they were practicing over the weekend and felt confident enough to go for a trial run today as practice for their official opening tomorrow." There are more photos in his flickr set.