While the McDonald's dining experience in America increasingly resembles a stint at Sing Sing, French lovers of "McDo" will be able to order a burger with a baguette for a bun in April. Who cares how many cows are in one patty if they're all united under a single square of crusty bread?

Like any change to a bistro's menu, the McBaguette comes after careful deliberation from the chef thorough market research. According to the WSJ, France's National Bread Observatory (which possesses the only radio telescope made out of crostini) estimates that 98% of French people eat bread at least once a day. 65% of the two billion sandwiches sold in France every year are on a baguette.

The McBaguette will be available for around $6 in a limited, six-week run beginning on April 18; long enough for the country to pretend that it's over the McBaguette until they begin experiencing violent night terrors and intense craving for the sandwich's Emmental cheese and mustard to the point that they will kick down McDo's doors when the sandwich is brought back for a "limited time only," again and again and again.

"It doesn't quite look like a baguette; a baguette isn't square. But I would give it a try," one Frenchwoman said after viewing a likely-not-misleading photo of the McBaguette. Another potential customer added, "It looks good, and much healthier than McDo's regular burger." Brilliant! Look for McDonald's "80-Pac McNuggets Wearing Classy BBQ Monocles" at a drive-thru near you.