Gothamist is your official outlet for all things Dominique Ansel, bringing you around-the-clock coverage of Baked Really-Goods from the heart of the Big Apple! Do you remember the Cronut? And its bastard, the Cronut Hole? Then you're gonna love the Nutella Cronut Hole Supreme.

The Nutella™ Cronut™ Hole arrives for one day only on Monday at 10 a.m. sharp, which means that you will be getting in line somewhere around 4 o'clock in the morning. Some facts about you:

  • You are great. You love ™Cronuts™™ and are charmed by their darling creator ™Dominique Ansel™™.
  • Fuck it, you're gonna wait in line for hours for two ™™Cronut™™ Holes and maybe be late for work. Maybe you will call in sick! Who cares! Your conviction is enviable.
  • You don't care what people think about you waiting for ™Nutella™ Cronut™™ Holes. Such a mentality is correct, because the only thing worse than waiting in line for baked goods is being a person who talks shit waiting in line for baked goods.

But after your two quick Cro-bites fade away, you can't shake the tough question. Do you really care about Nutella Cronut Holes™™™™? The Gothamist team got to sample them. Do they care?

Rebecca cares: "Yes it was delicious. Can I have another one?"

Chris is confused: "I don't really understand—why can't you just dip a regular Cronut into Nutella? How much do they cost?" The Holes are free, Chris. And no, Chris, for the love of God you can't do that. These aren't gas station Krispy Kremes.

Scott has an opinion: "I like Nutella™ and I really like Cronuts™ but the two together seem to be just a branding piggyback/circlejerk. The monthly varieties of actual Cronuts that I've sampled at DA bakery have all been superior to what we just had this afternoon."

Nell senses the abyss: "Of course it's delicious, how could it not be? But the danger here is the size. One bite—possibly two if you have any self-restraint—and it's over. Was there ever really a Nutella Cronut Hole at all?"

Did anyone even answer the question? Be sure to bring comfortable shoes on Monday to Madison Square Park, where the first 1000 people will get Nu-Cro-Holes. Nutella is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Congratulations!