Dominique Ansel Bakery's game-changing online ordering system appears to be withering under the pressure of thousands of Cronut fanatics flooding the system. It's just the second week of the new system and it's still in BETA, but this morning the bakery assured us there were "very few glitches" last week and they expected smooth sailing. It seems they have underestimated the power of champagne and chocolate.


It appears that pastry-seekers were given false hope by the bakery's website, which dangled imaginary Cronuts that, in fact, had already been sold. People, naturally, are pissed:

Angry folks have begun a comment thread on Facebook to express their outrage, as well. "Now this is what I call the hunger games," joked one user; "I think there is more chance of getting front row seats to a royal wedding then getting crounuts on pre order," quipped another.

For his part, Ansel urges peace in a time of madness:

A rep for the bakery blames the system crashes and false Cronut hopes their current server, which they plan to replace in advance of next week's preorder rush, as well as Paypal. The rep assures us it "will get better! We promise! All technology needs time to test."

Test our patience, that is!