On Monday Christiano’s restaurant in Syosset closed. Some joint on Long Island closed, big deal, right? Well, the place has a little bit of history: it's been called the inspiration for Billy Joel's "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant." Though others say the inspiration was the now-shuttered Fontana di Trevi at 151 West 57th Street, (someone from Long Island put on) Wikipedia that it is Christiano's, noting: "On May 6, 1977, before the song's official release, Joel premiered it at Long Island University C.W. Post Campus. He dedicated the song to Christiano's restaurant, located in Syosset, New York."

BUT... last year Joel admitted he was "going for applause" when he made that dedication—"It was like saying 'Yankees' when you're playing in New York."

Back to Christiano's, which at least for one night was The Restaurant... according to Newsday, the Singh Hospitality Group announced its plans to give the restaurant a makeover last year, and company president Harendra Singh says, “Whatever we do, he [the Billy Joel memorabilia] will always be a part of it"... though according to Patch it probably won't even be an Italian restaurant anymore.

So from this point forward, the Italian Restaurant—until Joel declares otherwise—is just Whatever Italian Restaurant You Go To, probably.