- Grub Street reports that the Frying Pan rumors are true -- it will, in fact, be closing, at least at its current location. Their lease at Pier 63 has expired, but accoring to the owner's wife, there's no need for despair quite yet. "Pending recently commenced negotiations, the John J. Harvey fireboat, the Frying Pan, the kayak storage shed, and the recently opened Cafe du Soleil will tie up at Pier 66A, an old float bridge, and the Pan will serve food at another newly installed section of the park as early as next spring."

2006_12_food_greydog.jpg- Tribeca residents have been doing their best to prevent a new bar from opening on the corner of West Broadway and White Street, a spot that formerly housed a busy nightspot, but has remained vacant for the past two years. One hopeful bar owner attempted to move in, but the neighbors were able to pressure the local community board to deny his liquor license request, a tune we have heard far too often as of late. But the tides may be turning, as David Ethan, of Grey Dog Coffee, was granted a license to open a new branch of his popular West Village establishment. Board members cited Ethan's effort to placate worried neighbors by talking to them about their concerns, and by gathering testimonials from current Grey Dog customers, particularly children, to illustrate the family-friendly nature of his business. Kudoz to Community Board 1 for not following the recent denial trend. [via Tribeca Tribune]