It isn't just large sugary drinks the Health Department is going after this summer. Yesterday they also set their sights on large food carts. "New York City is the capital of mobile food vending and these modifications will make enjoying this part of the city’s culinary culture safer for diners," Health Commissioner Thomas Farley explained.

For various reasons, the city right now imposes size restrictions on hot dog carts and those selling pre-packaged foods, fruits and vegetables. But not so much when it comes to street meat stands. So now the DOH is proposing a set of rules, including one limiting the size of all non-motorized carts to 5' by 10'—and that size would include all signs and extensions. Further:

The changes, if adopted, will simplify equipment requirements that correlate to the type of food sold and cooking methods used to help vendors meet sanitary standards. A vending unit where raw meat is cooked, for example, has to be equipped with a sink for washing hands while a unit selling only prepackaged foods would not. Facilities that store trucks and carts overnight will have to maintain a daily log of the date and time vending units enter and exit.

"There’s been literal growth in the size of carts. We’re trying to balance the competing interests for sidewalk space. Now, it’s the same for everybody,” one official explained to the Post.

You can see a full PDF of the new rules being proposed right here. If you've got an opinion on any of them, the DOH is taking suggestions and comments at until July 19, when a public forum will be held in Queens.