When we mentioned Kogi BBQ, LA's breakout food truck, yesterday, a reader pointed out that the Korean BBQ-inspired Mexican food will be available for one hour today! The Kogi BBQ team, in town for a Citymeals-on-Wheels benefit, explains on its website, "It’LL be the Dessert Truck parked out on Lexington and 55th, but once those doors fLip open, it shaLL be the KoGi crew on the inside. We’LL be there from noon-1PM and then POOF! we’re outta there... NYC, let’s kick it à la ride-or-die styLe." And on its Twitter feed, it's the more intriguing: "NYC, WE ARE COMING FOR YOUSE" According to Midtown Lunch, there will be 200 Kogi-Dessert Truck sampling plates available for $4/plate—dare we predict a foodie mob? For a little more on the Kogi madness, check out this gallery from LAist.