State labor officials have recovered $2.3 million in back wages for more than 800 workers at nine restaurants, including the Ollie's noodle shop mini-chain, all owned by Tsu Yue Wang. After years of protests, the wages were recovered on behalf of cooks, delivery workers and waiters, and labor officials tell the AP that some were owed as much as $30,000. In a statement, Labor Commissioner Patricia Smith said, "These restaurants are known throughout the city for supplying Asian food for families at reasonable prices. But as families enjoyed quality food at a price they could afford, workers toiled under the weight of below-minimum wages, late paychecks and lack of overtime payments." So misery is the secret ingredient that makes Ollie's noodles so delicious! The payout comes on the heels of a Labor Department settlement with Amish Markets, whose owners cheated workers out of $1.5 million in overtime. Up next: the 21 Club is being sued by employees for withholding part of their tips.