After a few false starts, the former space of legendary Meatpacking District restaurant Florent is set to reopen with a new menu combining diner and bistro elements sometime in July, according to the Times. Partners David Graziano and Corey Lane, who operate West 13th Street club RDV, say that the as-yet-unnamed restaurant will be open 24 hours on Thursdays through Saturdays. Some reports last month suggested that one applicant for liquor license renewal at the space was connected to Chelsea restaurants Il Bastardo and Barbaresco. The restaurant's previous operator and namesake Florent Morellet called it quits last year, thanks to a rent hike from $6,180/month to $35,000/month. He had opened Florent in 1985 when the Meatpacking District was still a business center for butchers; by keeping his restaurant open 24/7, Morellet quickly became the Emma Lazarus to masses of prostitutes, junkies, trannies, artists, runaways, and pretty much any other marginalized group you could imagine. The Times adds that new operators Graziano and Lane will at least keep some of the old Florent interior, including its quilted stainless steel paneling.