Our friendly neighbors up north are about the wrap up its annual Canadian National Exhibition, the country's largest fair. Like American state fairs, there are concerts, rides and insane food options. Possibly putting California's deep-fried cereal to shame, the Canadians are unleashing the eclair dog—A HOT DOG SERVED IN A CHOCOLATE ECLAIR.

The deranged brainchild of Maple Lodge Farms, a poultry processor, it's a hot dog served in a sliced chocolate eclair, topped off with whipped cream and sprinkles (of course). Canadians—or those near the border—you only have until September 3 to try it! Or you could just buy the ingredient and make it yourself, but what's the fun in being that insane?

On the scale of crazy, is it crazier than the Luther Burger (bacon cheeseburger with glazed donut as bun) or the Luther Double Down (fried chicken pieces sandwiching bacon and cheese, further sandwiched by a glazed donut—sorta like a turducken)?