If you were planning to suit up in Polar Tech and brave the cold winds outside MetLife stadium to shotgun a few Super Bowl Budweisers, you might be out of luck. Officials announced this week that security will be airtight for February's championship game, and they're planning on locking down the entire Meadowlands Sports Complex for the week leading up to it. First the Giants, now this—football is no fun, THANKS GUYS.

Unsurprisingly, New Jersey officials are pretty serious about security at this year's game, and starting on the Monday before the Super Bowl, “There is no chance that people who do not have credentials will be able to access the entirety of the Meadowlands Sports Complex on the week of the game," Wayne Hasenbalg, president of the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority, said on Thursday. Plus, because space will be so tight in the parking lot thanks to all the security checkpoints and TV crews, even the lucky ticketed few might be banned from (literally) chilling in the parking lot pre-game.

Hasenbalg told the Star-Ledger there would be "no tailgating" at the Super Bowl—though there are still some spacial details being worked out, so don't toss your cooler just yet. Not that those Super Bowl tickets come cheap—though if you don't want to sell your firstborn to sit in the cold for four hours, at least we non-ticketed folk get a giant toboggan!